Plant-Powered Pecan Creamers : pecanmilk creamer

With its pecanmilk creamers, THIS PKN is preparing to introduce consumers to a new generation of plant-based creamers. The dairy-free and lactose-free creamers are free from added sugar and they set themselves apart in a crowded plant-based creamer market with their star ingredient, pecans, the only commercial tree nut indigenous to the United States.

The brand’s next-gen pecanmilk creamers are coming to consumers in two varieties: Original and Vanilla.

THIS PNK is a brand that stands for richness, nutrition and regeneration in addition to being dairy-free. Already, consumers have fallen in love with the brand’s nut milks, which are said to have a taste that reminds of “grandmother’s pecan pie and a summer scoop of butter pecan ice cream.”

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