Organic Powdered Hojicha Lattes : organic hojicha latte

Camellia Sinensis, a tea company based in Canada, offers an organic Hojicha Latte that has gained popularity among tea lovers. This traditional Japanese green tea has been roasted to create a unique flavor profile that is different from other teas. The tea leaves are roasted at a high temperature for a very short period of time, which gives the tea a nutty and earthy flavor. The organic Hojicha Latte is made from a powdered version of this roasted tea, which is whisked with hot water and milk to create a creamy, comforting latte.

What makes Camellia Sinensis’ Hojicha Latte unique is its organic certification. The tea is grown without the use of harmful chemicals, ensuring that it is free from any harmful residues. This means that tea drinkers can enjoy the tea without worrying about the impact on their health or the environment.

The organic Hojicha Latte is also versatile, as it can be made with any type of milk, whether it’s cow’s milk, almond milk, or soy milk. It can also be sweetened to taste, making it perfect for those who prefer their tea with a little bit of sweetness.

Image Credit: Camellia Sinensis

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