NIke Dunk Low Super Mario

Sneaker designer Andrew Chiou has unveiled his latest custom design, a Nike Dunk Low Super Mario Bros.-inspired look called “What the Super Mario.” With the release of the Super Mario Bros. Movie coming soon in April, the arrival of this custom sneaker gives fans of the video game franchise and the designer much anticipation with this special reimagination of the Nike Dunk Low sneaker.

The sneakers are completely mismatched as they display a colorful patchwork assembly of Super Mario Bros. characters and items. There are Mystery Box graphics covering the toe box with Mario cap references on the heel. Additionally, there are Bullet Bills featured on the mudguard and Toad’s mushroom hat on the medial panels. Characters and items from Super Mario Bros. include Princess Peach, Yoshi, Princess Daisy, Wario, Bowser, Boomerang Flower, and more. This Nike Dunk Low “What the Super Mario” customs can be found at Andrew Chiou’s website.

Image Credit: Andrew Chiou, hypebeast, hypebeast

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