Miller Lite and J Balvin

The Miller Lite and J Balvin’s Tab program is a collaboration aimed at giving back to beer drinkers and Latino business owners across the United States. The initiative involves the sale of limited-edition Balvin-inspired pints, with a portion of the proceeds from every pint sold going to the Accion Opportunity Fund. This fund is designed to support up to 50 Latino business owners and entrepreneurs across the country.

To encourage participation in the program, Miller Lite and J Balvin are adding 10,000 beer tabs per week to their bill and offering exclusive signed merch, beer credits, Balvin experiences, and more as giveaways. Fans can join the program by visiting the website

“I’m excited Miller Lite and I could collaborate again to not only bring some new cool can art to shelves but also make a real impact in the Latino community,” said Balvin. “So many Latino businesses were devastated over the past few years, and I’m glad Miller Lite was excited to team up and give them a boost. So pick up some Miller Lite because the next round’s on me!”

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