Functional Sparkling Water : sparkling pick me up

Sparkling Pick-Me-Up by CLEAN Cause is a new line of functional sparkling water beverages that deliver refreshment along with a boost of energy, beautifying benefits and support for the gut. The beverage boasts “better caffeine” from 120mg from organic green tea, plus 1,000mg of prebiotics from chicory root and 1,000mg of collagen to support the health of the nails, hair and skin.

The low-sugar canned drinks deliver effervescence with bright, fruity flavors like Strawberry Lemon, Berry Vanilla, and Orange Passion. This fusion of functional benefits and a sparkling format deliver what consumers are after when it comes to refreshments that are bubbly like soda but better in terms of ingredients. Conveniently packaged for on-the-go enjoyment, the functional sparkling water beverages help drinkers feel energized and guilt-free.

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