Cycle-Syncing Wellness Apps : 28-wellness

28 is a fem-tech startup that’s on a mission to help women redefine their health and well-being by connecting them to what their body needs at different times during their menstrual cycle. 28 sets itself apart as a first-of-its-kind app with a hyper-personalized, cycle-based fitness and holistic wellness experience for women. On the app, users will find free daily exercises and nutrition profiles designed for hormone health, as well as science-based emotional insights to help women experience themselves, and their relationships, better.

“You deserve more than a period tracker. Your cycle has four phases, and each phase brings changes to the brain and body,” says Founder Brittany Hugoboom, “Exercising and eating based on your cycle means changing the types of movements and nutrients during each phase to optimize your physique, hormones, and mood.”

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