Affordable Bakery-Inspired Biscuits : pladis McVitie’s Tartlets

The pladis McVitie’s Tartlets are being launched in the UK to provide consumers with an easy way to access a premium bakery-inspired treat from home.

The treat features a golden-baked biscuit base that’s filled with white cream and milk chocolate or fruity yogurt to suit different preferences. The product comes in two flavors including Chocolate and Raspberry, which both tap into consumer preferences and demand for premium-quality treats with a value-focused profile.

Chief Marketing Officer Aslı Özen Turhan spoke on the pladis McVitie’s Tartlets saying, “By launching a new, tasty treat which aligns perfectly with Brits’ snacking priorities, we’re extending appeal among existing McVitie’s fans and providing even greater choice across the McVitie’s range. This is particularly important at a time when great value is right at the top of households’ shopping lists.”

Image Credit: pladis

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