Vibrant Aura Luggage Collections : Aura Luggage Collection

Luxury travel accessory brand Away has released its Aura luggage collection of hard shell luggage in a vibrant color scheme. A leading name in airport fashion, Away creates functional accessories that are designed with both style and function in mind. The stylish Aura luggage collection offers its signature hard-shelled cases in two unique colorways. These colorways include ‘sunrise,’ a calming blue-green gradient and ‘sunset,’ a bolder ombré pattern of orange, blue, and pink.

The Aura collection consists of Away’s classic Bigger Carry-On and Large cases, a brand new Everywhere Sling Bag silhouette, a versatile bag, limited-edition “Aura-fied” versions of its packing cubes, a large toiletry bag, and luggage tags. The standout items from this collection are the Bigger Carry-On and the Large cases since both items are the only ones in the collection to be offered in both sunrise and sunset colorways. As for the material of both cases, they are made of a durable polycarbonate shell with 360-degree spinner wheels. The collection is currently available for purchase on the Away website.

Image Credit: Away

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