Upcycled Cigarette Cushions : code effort

Code Effort is a private company founded by Naman Gupta and Vipul Gupta that specializes in turning old cigarette butts into plush toy cushions for kids and youth. The 28-year-old claimed that because the filter is comprised of 95% plastic, cigarettes’ butts take around 12 years to degrade.

As of June 2022, Code Effort will process 30 tonnes of cigarette butts each month. The firm intends to handle 45 tonnes of cigarette butts each month by the end of the year. After recycling, the cellulose acetate sourced from the butts is subjected to quality inspection and laboratory testing.

After receiving the necessary quality certification and laboratory testing, the same fiber is used to fill cushions, pillows, beds, soft toys, keychains, and many other items. Code Effort also produces compost powder from tobacco, a natural insecticide, and gives it to adjacent plantations and nurseries.

Image Credit: Code Effort

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