Toaster Waffle Chicken Sandwiches : Chicken & Waffle Sandwich

The Johnny Rockets Chicken & Waffle Sandwich is being launched as a new menu item created with the help of Eggo Waffles that will deliver a sweet, savory flavor experience for diners to enjoy.

The sandwich starts off with a pair of Homestyle Eggo Waffles for the buns, which are paired with crispy strips of chicken with bacon and a drizzling of syrup. These flavors and textures combine to offer a savory flavor experience that’s great for enjoyment as a breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

The Johnny Rockets Chicken & Waffle Sandwich is arriving alongside the new Vanilla Iced Coffee Shake and the Mocha Iced Coffee Shake, which are all launching at participating locations across the US. The various menu items will only be available for a short time.

Image Credit: Johnny Rockets

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