Shareable Potato Foodservice Products : Mini Mashers

McCain Mini Mashers are being launched as one of the brand’s latest potato products for foodservice that will provide restaurant operators with a new option for patrons to enjoy. The product is focused on being highly shareable with others, and boosts a crispy exterior with a soft, creamy center that Cookes in less than 3.5-minutes. The product is targeted towards being the base for creative dishes to help restaurants alike keep things fresh in the face of ever-changing consumer preferences.

Director of Culinary Chef Mark Slutzky spoke on the new McCain Mini Mashers saying, “McCain Mini Mashers are a craveable addition to any menu, and they stand up to seasoning, saucing, and tossing without losing their distinct shape. Customizable with minimal prep, they streamline back-of-house prep and make it easy to create wow-worthy experiences.”

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