Remote Monitoring Smart Door Lock

Consumer electronics brand Xiaomi has launched the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20 Series. In contrast to its predecessor, this new smart door lock has more safety features and greater durability. Similar to any door, this smart door is equipped with an integrated peephole camera with a display screen that allows a view of the front door in real-time. Additionally, the high-strength alloy middle frame, along with integrated smart technology, delivers a sturdy and secure lock.

The smart door lock has several safety features that comprise a variety of unlocking methods, including fingerprint, password, periodic or one-time password, NFC password, mobile phone Bluetooth unlocking, and a Homekit. Fingerprints and passwords are stored in an encrypted storage that guarantees maximum protection against any hacking or data breaches. As for remote monitoring, consumers will receive alerts about unclosed doors, error alerts, or possible break-ins. The smart door lock needs to be powered by eight AAA batteries that can last 10 months. The smart door lock is available and is priced at $2,000 in RMB.

Image Credit: Xiaomi

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