Piquant Plant-Based Chicken Products : Impossible Foods products

These new Impossible Foods products are being launched to help expand the brand’s reach and provide consumers with new options to enjoy when foraying into the market of plant-based foods.

The new products include the Spicy Chicken Patties, Spicy Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Tenders, which are all crafted with plant-based recipes with no meat in the mix. The piquantly favored products are intended to satisfy demand for consumers with a penchant for spicy foods and are crafted with a custom blend of spices.

Each of the new Impossible Foods products have between 10 and 12-grams of protein per serving with no cholesterol, up to 35% less fat and up to 55% less saturated fat than chicken-based alternatives. The products are launching into retailers as well as select food service locations across the US.

Image Credit: Impossible Foods

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