Organic Clean Label Tortillas : rise puff

Three signature items from Rise & Puff were introduced this month: ‘Original Tortillas,’ ‘Organic Tortillas,’ and ‘Gluten-Free Tortillas.’ Five components or less are required to make each type of tortilla, including a wheat base, water, avocado oil, and salt. Rise & Puff is marketed as a better-for-you tortilla brand that prioritizes healthy, clean ingredients. The tortillas are marketed under the M&P Gastronomy name, founded by Mark Shaw and Philip Summe.

“Rise & Puff fills a tremendous gap in the tortilla market in the US, which is stuck in the 1950s in terms of nutritional profile,” Mr. Summe said. “Pair that with the pandemic, which accelerated consumers’ desire to conveniently cook a fresh meal at home, and it’s time tortillas make a statement in the better-for-you aisle. We firmly believe this is a product that will delight consumers with better taste and better nutrition.”

Image Credit: Rise & Puff

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