Financed Indian E-Motorbikes : revolt rv400

‘Revolt,’ the India-based electric mobility company, is officially accepting preorders for its upcoming ‘RV400’ electric motorbike. Revolt is offering competitive financing for the motorbike, requiring only Rs 4715, or roughly $80 USD, as a down payment. This amount is then used as the monthly financing amount until the bike is paid for in full. The full MSRP of the RV400 is Rs 1.25 Lakh, or roughly $1,200 USD.

The RV400 boasts a 170 Nm mid-drive motor and a powerful 3.24 KWh lithium-ion battery. This results in a quoted range of 150 Km per charge in eco mode and 100 Km in regular mode. The bike’s large battery fully charges in only 4.5 hours, meaning it is always ready for a day of travel after a night of charging.

Image Credit: Revolt

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