Electric Truck Pilot Programs : Electric Truck Pilot Programs

Uber Freight has teamed up with electric mobility company WattEV and shipping specialist CHEP on a pilot program to deploy electric delivery trucks on certain routes in Southern California. The goal of this partnership is to gain logistical insight into electrifying freight transportation. Uber Freight’s Head of sustainability Illina Frankiv spoke on the program, saying: “Electric trucks will have a profound impact on logistics, and we’re excited to build the technology platform to enable their seamless integration into supply chains.”

In terms of the roles of each company in the partnership, WattEV will allow access for uber Freight at charging infrastructure and offers a network and shipping capacity of Class 8 electric trucks. As for CHEP, it manages, maintains, transports, and supplies millions of pallets and containers that are shared by manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. CHEP can book, schedule, and complete loads hauled by electric trucks through Uber Freight. In addition, the partnership will also focus on tackling decarbonization goals through this program.

Image Credit: Uber Freight

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