Efficient EV Charging Networks : vool

VOOL is a European startup aiming to increase the accessibility of EV chargers with its innovative charging technology. Rather than posing a solution to EV charging demand that requires creating and implementing what are essentially new powerlines in every city, VOOL’s chargers leverage the existing infrastructure. The company claims that its chargers are up to 300% more efficient that standard chargers on this infrastructure.

The company achieves this large uptick in charging efficiency by enabling each charger to automatically swap between three phases of electricity. The chargers have software that measures energy efficiency and cost efficiency of each phase and automatically optimizes the charging session accordingly. This solution working effectively, and deployed at scale, could work to meet the estimated 3.4-million public EV chargers that need to be deployed in the EU by 2030. For reference, there are currently around 500,000 chargers deployed in the EU.

Image Credit: VOOL

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