Demure Denim Micarta Knives : WESN Momotaro Samla Knife

The WESN Momotaro Samla Knife is a limited-edition everyday carry (EDC) accessory that prioritizes a high-quality build along with a style-conscious construction. The accessory boasts a grade 5 titanium handle on the rear, while the front has authentic Momotaro denim Micarta and the friction retention system runs across 3.25-inches of the interior portion. The 2.45-inch sheepsfoot blade can be deployed via a thumb tang and is also decorated with a custom Momotaro branding.

The WESN Momotaro Samla Knife is limited to a total of 100 examples, which includes the 12c27 version, the M390 version and the Damasteel version. Priced ranging from $225 to $400, the knives take a decidedly stylish approach to EDC accessories and are ready to support a range of small task needs.

Image Credit: WESN

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