Chinese Festival-Inspired Sneakers : Chinese Festival-Inspired Sneakers

Sports fashion brand Nike has released a new Air Max Plus shoe with colorways from the Chinese cultural tradition of the Longtaitou Festival. This special sneaker colorway is released right after the Lunar New Year celebration and the Chinese tradition theme that this sneaker follows is the Longtaitou Festival, which regards celebrates the first rains of spring. It is also a celebration time for making offerings to the Dragon God for a good farming season ahead.

The color of the upper consists of blue, white, and pink hues across it. Additionally, there are new additions to the sneaker with blending color schemes, graphic insoles, and extra laces. The classic Nike logo in red is on the middle of the upper and there is a line of brown leather above the midsole of the sneaker. The black laces are tied beneath the sneaker, going under and back up to the tongue. There are also Chinese characters written on the sole of the sneakers, in which the sole of the right sneaker translates to “thank you for coming” and the Chinese character on the sole of the left sneaker translates to “fortune is shining down on you.” The sneaker is currently available in Chinese market regions.

Image Credit: Nike, hypebeast, hypebeast

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