Artisan-Inspired Pasta Sauces : Filippo Berio pasta sauces

These new Filippo Berio pasta sauces are being launched in the UK as a series of artisan-inspired products perfect for consumers to incorporate into their favorite recipes.

The sauces are crafted with a blend of all-natural ingredients including extra virgin olive oil and sweet Italian tomatoes. The products come in four varieties including Arrabbitata, Basilico, Verdure Grigliate and Olive. The sauces are arriving at Tesco locations where they’re available in 340-gram glass jars priced at £2.50 each.

UK Managing Director Walter Zanré commented on the new Filippo Berio pasta sauces saying, “When we make our pasta sauces, we cook the vegetables before the tomatoes are added – not at the same time. This two-stage cooking method locks in all the flavour, so our sauces taste fresh – just like homemade.”

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