Supplement-Inspired Skincare Products : TrueYou Beauty

The TrueYou Beauty range is being launched at The Vitamin Shoppe as an expansion of the namesake product line that will help consumers to incorporate it into their beauty regime.

The new addition to the brand includes body butters, body lotions and hand creams, which are all enriched with the Core 5 Nutrient Complex. This includes niacinamide (vitamin B3), vitamin C (ascorbic acid), peptides, collagen peptides and bakuchiol oil. Each of these ingredients will work diligently to support the skin, bright appearance, offer plumping effects and more.

Chief Merchandising and Marketing Officer at The Vitamin Shoppe Muriel Gonzalez spoke on the new TrueYou Beauty range saying, “With TrueYou Beauty, we’re expanding on that ethos, delivering innovative and effective bodycare formulas that leverage the industry-leading wellness and ingredient expertise of The Vitamin Shoppe. Our customers increasingly view beauty through the lens of holistic wellness and with TrueYou we have created a brand that meets those needs with premium quality, science-backed supplements and beauty products.”

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