Functional Uplifting Citrus Refreshments : heywell Orange Mango

The heywell Orange Mango drink is being launched as the latest flavor of the functional refreshment that’s perfect for uplifting a person’s mood with its citrusy profile. The drink is reported to have a tart, sweet and refreshing flavor that’s achieved with plant-based ingredients including ginseng, L-theanine, amla berry, schisandra, lemon balm, ashwagandha and organic caffeine. The drink will offer about the same amount of caffeine as found in a small cup of coffee, while featuring an exotic flavor that will help to invigorate the senses.

Co-Founder Britt Dougherty commented on the heywell Orange Mango saying, “As the wellness market continues to boom, people are increasingly turning to their food and drinks to support them. When we started heywell, it was to help people meet everyday demands in a way that doesn’t sacrifice taste for health, or vice versa.”

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