Fire Lily-Inspired Observation Decks : wetland observation deck

Thilina Liyanage designs the Wetland Observation Deck with inspiration from nature itself, highlighting the look of a Fire Lily, also known as the Gloriosa Lily. The deck is accessible by a flight of stairs and has space for small groups of between 6-8 people to mingle around and overlook the wetlands.

It is made from wooden materials and rests about 10 feet above the column which is its base foundation. The decorative accents are colorful and reflect the look of the fire lily’s petals and sepals that are made using bent sheets or wood with the support of bamboo to create more resilience and moisture to be curved and mimick the shape. Each petal is detailed in tones of red and yellow to commemorate the real flower.

Image Credit: Thilina Liyanage

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