Chromatic Graphics Cards : sakura 7900xtx

‘Yeston,’ a Chinese company specializing in designer graphics cards and PC cases, recently launched the ‘Sakura 7900XTX’ high-bandwidth GPU. This is a Radeon 7900XTX card with a special Yeston twist. The fans and the faceplate on the card feature a multi-colored chromatic design inspired by both cyberpunk and anime styles. The faceplate also features blocky text that reads “Sakura” various times, as well as a drawn-on synthesizer and code, giving the card an overall futuristic look.

Aside from its design, the Yeston 7900XTX has 24GB of video ram, features a base clock of 1855 MHz and a boost clock of 2499 MHz, and uses a 2×8-pin power connector. This means, contrary to its closest NVIDIA competitor card, the 7900XTX does not require an additional power adapter to function.

Image Credit: Yeston

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