Canned Umami Cocktails : sake cocktail

The Diamon Brewery’s Sake Sling canned sake cocktails share the richness of umami flavor with natural flavors like Yuzu & Melon and Mandarin & Cherry. The Sake Sling range shares the complex taste of sake from the celebrated Daimon brewery in Japan, which makes them the perfect natural pairing for a variety of Asian dishes or anytime refreshments with friends.

Sake-based cocktails tap into the demand for lower-ABV beverages, since sake is brewed and it’s much less potent than a distilled spirit. These naturally food-friendly cocktails offer a fun new way for adults to play with a cocktail experience centered on tradition, flavor and harmony.

These new ready-to-drink sake-based cocktails were made possible by the sake producers at Daimon Brewery, along with renowned bartender Wayne Collins and Liquid Fusion.

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