Blend-It-Yourself Bubblegum Milkshakes : F’real Bubblegum

The F’real Bubblegum milkshake is being launched as a UK exclusive flavor to provide consumers with a new option to try out this spring. The milkshake is being launched on the heels of the Cotton Candy flavor that was introduced as an exclusive for the US market, which also proved to be quite the success amongst consumers. Featuring no artificial ingredients, the milkshake is crafted with a blend of rich ice cream and fresh milk, and comes as the fourth new flavor arriving in the UK over the past 12 months.

Marketing Manager Genna Briant spoke on the F’real Bubblegum milkshake saying, “Retailers and consumers alike have been clamouring for truly innovative flavours, and we’ve listened – Bubblegum is our first launch in a line-up of exciting, slightly different, NPD coming this year!”

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