Army-Colored Jungle Boots : noah and solovair

NOAH and Solovair have teamed up to introduce the durable and practical ‘Jungle Boots’ to their Made in England collection. This collaboration comes after NOAH released various versions of the Gibson 3-Eye derby. The ‘Jungle Boots’ pay tribute to Solovair’s military heritage and are made with a polished black leather and olive canvas. They feature rope laces, metal eyelets, nylon heel loops, and Goodyear-welted black lug soles.

This partnership expands NOAH’s existing collection of Solovair classics. The brand has its roots in Wollaston, Northamptonshire, and has a rich history as a British Army shoe manufacturer and a popular choice among counterculture and punk shops in the 90s.

The Noah x Solovair Made in England Jungle Boot will be available for purchase on NOAH’s website and physical stores starting on February 23.

Image Credit: NOAH, hypebeast, noahny

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