Y2K Shopping Pop-Ups : House of Y2K

The House of Y2K is a destination for Millennials who wants to take a trip down memory lane and revisit the tech, fashion and beauty themes that shaped shopping today. This pop-up from Klarna takes guests through a journey in time that shows the evolution of these core themes, as well as shopping. The experience offers a reminder of what shopping used to be like, thanks to unreliable dial-up Internet, and a time before Klarna’s flexible payment solutions, shoppable video and unbiased in-app search.

The opening of the pop-up was timed to match the launch of an exclusive Paris Hilton x Klarna velour tracksuit that’s available exclusively through the Klarna app. The interactive pop-up also offers a look at iconic items from Paris Hilton’s private archives, including the iconic denim outfit seen on “The Simple Life.”

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