Swappable Module Walkie-Talkies : Modular Walkie-Talkie Concept

This Modular Walkie-Talkie Concept is an ultra-modern take on the travel tech product that prioritizes customization to keep it suited for a wide range of scenarios. The walkie-talkie works with magnetic, interchangeable components that fit into the body to accommodate different needs whether being used out in the field or on professional projects. The modules include a display, camera, speaker, gas detector and more. A dot matrix display band around the main body of the device keeps the user informed of operational details.

The Modular Walkie-Talkie Concept is the design work of Chen Huiting, Deng Panyang, Geng Shaowei, Lin Wanyi, Liu Li, Liu Yanru, Tao Jianyu, Xin Hang and Xiong Dawei. It was designed as part of a project through collaboration with Hytera Communications Corporation Limited in China.

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