Snowglobe-Inspired Lipsticks : Chromavis Fareva

At Luxe Pack Los Angeles, Chromavis Fareva presented an innovation called Snowglobe, a lip product in a unique stick format. The patented rigid structure combines liquid and solid textures in a single transparent ball and has the ability to incorporate three different types of liquid core: a fluid hybrid core infused with water-soluble actives, a liquid gloss or an anhydrous liquid lipstick.

This first-of-its-kind product in a stick format captivates with a shimmery liquid core inspired by the beauty and movement of snow globes.

Chromavis Fareva’s Snowglobe was recognized with the Coup de Coeur award from the MakeUp in Los Angeles Innovation Awards in the formulation category, and it signals that consumers are looking for more dynamism from standard beauty products.

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