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‘Lectric eBikes’ is a Phoenix, Arizona-based retailer of electric bicycles and, more recently, tricycles. Lectric offers the best-selling e-bike model, as well as the third-best-selling electric vehicle in the United States. The company achieved this not only by offering high-performance e-bikes with accessible designs at competitive prices, but also by taking a modular, attachment-focused approach to its products.

Rather than creating a separate e-bike for each purpose, such as a single-seat off-road bike, a bike with built-in baskets, or a bike with extra passenger seating, Lectric only offers new bike models when it is absolutely necessary. This is usually for core frame changes, such as with the recently-released Lectric XP Trike or the upcoming Lectric XPedition, as an additional wheel or larger frame cannot be achieved with modular attachments alone.

For every other situation, though, the company offers an accessory to suit the needs of the rider. Some accessories for the company’s standard model, the XP 3.0, include a second seat, a cargo basket, a bike lock holder, a pet trailer, a cooler, a phone mount, and even a headlight or pair of mirrors. The larger Lectric XPedition is compatible with even more accessories, including running boards, extra-large panniers, a cushioned orbiter, and more.

Lectric eBikes also places an importance on accessibility. From shipping all of its bike models fully-assembled to listening to its customers on creating step-through heights, the company demonstrates a respect for customers’ challenges. This extends into its approach to modularity, as many of the brand’s accessories can be quickly and easily installed without requiring any additional tools.

This approach allows customers to start small by purchasing a bike alone while having a clear upgrade path over time. This means, as customers find additional situations that they would like to use their bike for, they can simply purchase an affordable attachment, rather than a completely new bike. This is an effective ecosystem that results in customers building extensive collections of accessories over time, which can, in most cases, be used for future Lectric eBike models as well.

Therefore, each purchase of a modular accessory is effectively a long-term investment into the function and convenience of personal electric bikes. One goal that the company is targeting with this unique approach is to draw attention to the viability of electric bicycles as car replacements, showing that, in most cases, electric bicycles can achieve comparable results to full-size vehicles, with accessories being used to surpass different common limitations of bicycles.

Image Credit: Lectric eBikes

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