Minimal Ocean-Overlooking Villas : Achioté villas

Dagmar Štěpánová from Formafatal completes the new Achioté villas that are located in Costa Rica. The set of villas is along Playa Hermosa and it boasts a unique look appearing as if it is floating over an overgrown cliff by the Pacific Ocean.

The homes are surrounded by a jungle-like setting with lush green throughout to also create a sense of privacy as well. Due to the location, it is inspired by a juxtaposing design language as the Jaspis Villa is the brighter villa with a ‘yin energy’ that connects to the sky and ocean — this is highlighted by bright tones of sand as the main hue. In contrast, the Nefrit villa is darker and reflects the yang energy that is connected to the ground and has a red-terracotta color.

Image Credit: Formafatal

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