Leather-Clad Flight Jackets : flight jacket

Alpha Industries works in collaboration with Highsnobiety to update the iconic MA-1 Flight Jacket in a new leather finish for the season. The silhouette was first created for the US military with a boxy shape framed by a knitted collar and complete with lightweight insulation.

The new iteration gets an all-black tonal design and creates the outer shell from napa leather using unsplit sheepskin for a more soft feel and finish. Nin Truong, the Design Director at Highsnobiety speaks about the project, noting that “When we were challenged with creating an MA-1 jacket we looked at how we can elevate the standard MA-1. We picked a smooth leather and added it to a silhouette inspired by Alpha’s 90s designs which are a little more cropped with slightly more volume up top.”

Image Credit: Highsnobiety

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