Hybrid-Powered Unmanned Helicopters : Hybrid-Powered Unmanned Helicopter

Defence helicopter manufacturer company Steadicopter and airborne defense developer BIRD Aerosystems unveiled the Black Eagle 50H, the first hybrid-powered unmanned helicopter. Co-CEO and founder of BIRD Aerosystems Ronen Factor spoke of the capabilities of this helicopter, saying: “Ideal for the protection of maritime borders and strategic assets, BIRD’s innovative µMPR cuts through sea clutter and significantly increases mission effectiveness and cost efficiency.

This helicopter has several unique capabilities, including day and night vision with wide-area persistent surveillance. The helicopter can reach a maximum air speed of 126 km/h and has a cruising speed of 81 km/h, with the ability to reach a height of up to 16,500 feet. Additionally, it is equipped with advanced capabilities that allow for long-endurance operations of up to five hours, thanks to BIRD Aerosystems’ µMPR functions for detecting maritime vessels. Furthermore, the hybrid-powered capabilities of the helicopter ensure not only the health and safety of pilots, but also a more eco-friendly power source.

Image Credit: Steadicopter

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