Elevating Passenger Level Vehicles : Audi Cascade

The conceptual Audi Cascade is a living space-like vehicle that imagines the future of transportation to provide passengers with a comfortable space to spread out in. The vehicle consists of the Core main area that is paired with Lift and Flip features to change according to the needs of the passenger. Users could thus enjoy three different scenarios within the vehicle for working, relaxing, socializing and more.

The conceptual Audi Cascade identifies the ways in which transportation solutions will change the face of autonomous driving technologies. The vehicle could also support off-grid living or short excursions out of the city thanks to its multifunctional form.

Min spoke on the design process of the vehicle saying, “I focused on spatial nature of Cascade, where concentration and diffusion are fluidly sequenced. It was interpreted that ‘concentration of thought’ takes place at a high point and ‘diffusion of thought’ at a low point. These two spatial points of view connect each other as a flow.”

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