Reese’s Pieces Chocolate Cookie Biscuit

Over in Canada, Reese’s Pieces now come in four delicious new varieties, including Reese’s Pieces Chocolate Cookie Biscuit.

In the U.S., Reese’s Pieces only contain peanut butter on the inside. But over in Canada, you can now get Reese’s Pieces with various different fillings in the middle – similar to M&M’s. In total, there are four unique flavors to try including Reese’s Pieces Caramel, which features a caramel-flavored milk chocolate center, and Reese’s Pieces Pretzel, which features a pretzel ball covered in creamy peanut butter in the middle. However, one of the most exciting new flavors is Reese’s Pieces Chocolate Cookie Biscuit, which features a crunchy chocolate cookie core coated in creamy peanut butter surrounded by the classic colored candy shell.

Image Credit: Reese’s

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