Nostalgia-Evoking Outerwear Collections : Low-Fi Hi-Tek

Get ready because The North Face is about to deliver a big dose of nostalgia with its new Low-Fi Hi-Tek collection.

For Spring/Summer 2023, The North Face has opened up its own archives and taken cues from the brand’s lengthy history. The new Low-Fi Hi-Tek collection is particularly inspired by architect Buckminster Fuller, whom The North Face celebrated back in the ‘70s. The result is a selection of outerwear, pants, and accessories that feature some of the brand’s most iconic silhouettes in earthy neutral tones with pops of bright color throughout. Some standout pieces include the men’s Windjammer jacket and the women’s Mountain jacket.

The North Face’s new Low-Fi Hi-Tek collection is available to now from the brand’s website and from retailers across the globe.

Image Credit: The North Face, hypebae, thenorthface

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