Deconstructed High-Top Skate Sneakers : sk8-hi reconstruct

Vans unveils its new SK8-HI RECONSTRUCTED series that highlights one of its most iconic silhouettes — the Sk8-hi sneaker model. The shoes are designed to be ripped apart and nod to the natural scuff that builds when skateboarding without compromising support. The shoes are made to honor the customized feel of the subculture, dating back to the 80s and the prominent punk scene of the time.

The new series is made up of a handful of neutral colorways including black, navy blue, olive green, and marshmallow. All of these are detailed with a tear-away upper for a naturally deconstructed look the more one wears them. The jazz stripe hangs half off of the shoe and can be ripped off entirely and torn apart to unveil prints underneath.

Image Credit: ABC Mart

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