Red Pepper-Dusted Chicken : Red Chak Chak

The Korean fried chicken chain bb.q Chicken is testing out two new dishes at locations in California and Colorado: Red Chak Chak and Black Pepper

Red Chak Chak and Black Pepper were originally released in Korea to overwhelming success. Both flavors were a hit with Gen Z, selling over 500,000 units during the first month alone. Now, American consumers can try Red Chak Chak (pronounced Chawk Chawk), which consists of fried chicken with red pepper powder and a slightly spicy kick. On the other hand, Black Pepper takes the chain’s golden original fried chicken and adds a strong punch of black peppers.

While it’s too early to tell if Red Chak Chak and Black Pepper will be available outside of California and Colorado, the chain is eager to replicate the success it has in Korea. As bb.q Chicken CEO Joseph Kim says, “It is certain that the new golden original series will become the new ‘steady seller’ and dethrone the current signature menu, the Golden Original.”

Image Credit: bb.q Chicken

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