Buildable Multi-Purpose Lipsticks : Desert Date

Ami Colé is no strange to multi-purpose products and its new Desert Date Cream Multistick is no expectation.

The new Desert Date Cream Multistick is a versatile product that can serve as a blush, a lip balm, or a lipstick. The idea is that the formula is buildable, so you can add as much (or as little) color as you want. And because it’s made with hydrating and soothing ingredients like baobab seed, hibiscus flower, and dessert date oil, you never have to worry about the balm drying out. The product is also specifically designed for melanin-rich skin, helping users achieve deep and flattering hues.

Ami Colé’s new Desert Date Cream Multistick is available for purchase from the brand’s website and comes in four vibrant shades.

Image Credit: Ami Colé, hypebae, instagram

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