Billion-Dollar Yacht Concepts : G-QUEST Goliath Series Gigayacht

The conceptual G-QUEST Goliath Series Gigayacht has been designed by Steve Kozloff Designs as a vessel that goes beyond luxury to offer an experience on the water unlike anything else out there.

The concept yacht comes in at a staggering 220-meters in length and boasts a hull crafted out of steel with a supportive aluminum superstructure to encapsulate the luxurious amenities inside. The yacht has a quad Azimuth thruster propulsion system that’s rated to generate 20,000-horsepower for a top speed of 20-knots.

The G-QUEST Goliath Series Gigayacht offers ample space for all kinds of hobby equipment including helicopters, submarines and more to keep passengers entertained no matter the location. Estimated to cost about $1-billion, the yacht also features a 20-person movie theater, yoga studio and more.

Image Credit: Steve Kozloff Designs

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