Actual Veggies Black Bean patty

PINCHO, the Latin-inspired burger concept, has partnered with Actual Veggies to create a veggie burger with the Actual Veggies Black Bean patty.

In an effort to give its veggie burger recipe a bit of a makeover, PINCHO’s Director of Culinary, Adrian Sanchez, worked closely with the Actual Veggies team. Together, the brands created the Actual Veggies Black Bean patty, which is made from a blend of quinoa, oats, black beans, parsnip, red pepper, carrot, onion, lemon juice, and spices. In fact, only veggies were used, which makes the patty 100% vegan. As Hailey Swartz, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Actual Veggies, explains, “We are so excited to partner with PINCHO. We have long admired their craft and dedication, and we are in awe of what they’ve done with our Actual Veggies burger. It tastes incredible.”

Image Credit: PINCHO

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