Slightly Coated Dark Chocolate Almonds

Trader Joe’s knows that many consumers are looking for a way to reduce their sugar intake, which is why the brand created the new Slightly Coated Dark Chocolate Almonds.

Just as the name suggests, the new Slightly Coated Dark Chocolate Almonds product features almonds that are only slightly coated with chocolate – unlike the classic version of the treat that features a thick chocolate shell. The new product starts with California Almonds, which are dry-roasted, tumbled in a barrel of chocolate, and then finished with a dusting of cocoa powder and sea salt. The result is a chocolate-to-nut ratio ends up being about 20% chocolate and 80% nut (versus the typical ratio of 66% chocolate to 33% nut). As the brand explains, “This means each Slightly Coated Dark Chocolate Almond that you pop in your mouth has a delightful crunch, with enough salty sweetness to more-than-slightly satisfy your snack cravings!”

Image Credit: Trader Joe’s

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