Microbiome-Targeted Probiotic Supplements : Pendulum Metabolic Daily

The Pendulum Metabolic Daily probiotic supplement is a new addition to the brand’s product lineup that’s targeted towards consumers looking to support their metabolism and more. The supplement is formulated with a multi-strain probiotic that will help to naturally replenish the microbiome in the gut to help with metabolizing sugars and carbohydrates. The product can help to reduce sugar cravings and low energy for a more balanced, sustainable level of energy throughout the day.

Co-Founder and CEO Colleen Cutcliffe, Ph.D. spoke on the Pendulum Metabolic Daily probiotic supplement saying, “People are always wondering how they can boost their metabolism and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. At Pendulum, we are always looking for safe, clinically-backed solutions that people can trust to help them reach their metabolic goals. We took these questions and requests and got to work developing a new probiotic blend that does just that.”

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