Low-Cost QSR Meal Deals : $5 Meal Deal

The Checker’s and Rally’s $5 Meal Deal is being offered as a new option for patrons to order as a way to pick up ample food at a competitively low price point. The meal deal is priced at the aforementioned $5 point, and includes your choice of a Fry Lover’s Burger or a fully dressed Checkerburger/Rallyburger, an eight-piece order of all-white meat Chicken Bites, a 16-ounce soft drink and a small Famous Seasoned Fries. The meal deal offers a large amount of food for the price point, which responds to increasing consumer demand for more value in the face of ever-increasing costs.

The Checker’s and Rally’s $5 Meal Deal is available now at participating locations, but is only around for a limited time.

Image Credit: Checkers and Rally’s

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