Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruitier & Nuttier

The Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruitier & Nuttier products are the brand’s first non-HFSS offerings being launched into the UK market to provide consumers with a series of satisfying ways to indulge chocolate cravings.

The product range consists of several new options including Trail Mix, Bars and Orange Trail Mix, which each feature a number of satisfying ingredients to offset the lower sugar and fat levels. The products are also higher in protein and fiber to give them a more satisfying profile for consumers to enjoy. The products are arriving now with additional pack options hitting store shelves in March.

Principal Scientist of Global Wellbeing Chocolate and Technology Lead at Mondelēz International Adam Harris spoke on the Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruitier & Nuttier range saying, “We’ve had an amazing team of product developers and scientists applying their knowledge and experience to ensure we provide our consumers with the best tasting products. I am really proud of the products and excited that we can bring consumers the awesome Fruitier and Nuttier range.”

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