Time-Human Relationship Sundials : civil architecture

Civil Architecture created a new sundial in Jeddah’s Islamic Arts Biennale in Saudi Arabia. It is made to question the relationship that mankind has with time. Founders of the studio Hamed Bukhamseen and Ali Karimi designs the fragmented look on top of a ‘desert landscape.’

Bukhamseen and Karimi talk about the project to Dezeen, noting that “It’s an antidote to the fractured notion of time. Beyond the four seasons and the work week, the time has become an elusive quality. This quality is even further fractured in the context of the pandemic, and the eternal present that was experienced for two years in domestic setting. Re-envisioning the sundial as a way of watching the world allows us to rethink how we schedule our week, month, year and how we break down our calendar.”

Image Credit: Ali Ismail Karimi

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