Botanical Bedtime Lattes : Sleeptime SuperLatte

Clevr Blends’ Sleeptime SuperLatte is said to taste like a toasted cappuccino and feel like sinking into a cloud. This caffeine-free bedtime beverage is packed with botanical ingredients to support sound nights of sleep by quieting the mind and calming the body so that it can fall asleep, and stay asleep.

A finalist in the Best New Functional Food or Beverage category in the NEXTY Awards at Natural Products Expo West 2023, Clevr Blends’ Sleeptime SuperLatte is made with a base of gluten-free organic oatmilk powder, organic coconit cream powder, monkfruit, chicory root, carob, valerian and other beneficial additions.

From snackable bites and ice creams to cereals, consumers are choosing late-night treats with functional benefits to help them experience better nights of rest.

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