Tactile-Updated Luxury Bags : dior by mystery ranch

Dior by MYSTERY RANCH introduces a new iteration of the classic Saddle Bag to join its Summer 2023 roster. The bag is instantly recognized by its dynamic shape and this time around, it gets a black or beige tonal CORDURA nylon material. It is then detailed with a magnetic buckle and a leather patch — this reads “Dior by MYSTERY RANCH” as a touch of branding.

At the back is a mesh material the is embossed with more branding motifs as the aluminum buckle is color coded. Along with the Saddle, there is also the Gallagator backpack that follows the same design theme with a black or beige base. It is then detailed with leather, mesh, and a CORDURA Nylon material.

Image Credit: Jackie Nickerson, hypebeast, dior

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