Order-Queuing Shopper Delivery Features : Instacart shopper feature

This new Instacart shopper feature has been announced as part of the brand’s continued commitment to supporting its shoppers and enabling them to gain more control over their ability to earn money. The app now provides shoppers with the queued batches feature to enable them to accept new orders before they have finished their current one. This enables shoppers to line up their orders to complete them consecutively instead of in a piecemeal manner.

VP of Shopper and Fulfillment Product John Adams spoke on the Instacart shopper feature saying, “Our goal is to create a platform that is as flexible as shoppers need it to be. It’s our priority to help shoppers make the most of their time on the Instacart platform, which is why we’re introducing these new features that increase the amount of time that shoppers can spend earning.”

Image Credit: Instacart

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